Near and innovative – this is what the people of Nacka want the future Nacka City to be.
The Municipal Executive Board has adopted this vision, which will inform the construction of Nacka City in Västra Sicklaön. 5,000 local citizens have contributed to the vision for Nacka City, the area on the western tip of the Sickla peninsula where 14,000 homes and a metro line are to be built. The results of the dialogue are summarised in the vision near and innovative:

  • Here you are close to everything – meeting places, nature and culture, the buzz of the city, tranquil spaces and each other
  • Here is an easy place to live and work – to walk, cycle and take public transport
  • Here you encounter the unexpected – a diverse range of architecture, expressions and people – with life and activity amongst the buildings
  • Here we are creating a vibrant and sustainable city for all – with the rolling landscape, water and local history lending the city character
  • Here we are developing the city in interaction with others – applying new, long-term and innovative thinking.