Nacka Municipality was formed in 1888, just outside central Stockholm, and reaches out into the archipelago, occupying the southern shore of the seaward approach to Stockholm. Convenient proximity to Stockholm and a much sought-after waterfront location have made Nacka attractive in various ways through the ages. Just before the turn of the 20th century, Nacka began a rapid transition from rural to industrial.

A hundred years later, most of the industries had left Nacka and moved to other places in Sweden and abroad. And so began the conversion of Nacka’s industrial zones into residential areas. Nacka Strand was transformed back in 1990. Then came Järla Sjö and Sickla shopping district, built on the former site of manufacturer Atlas Copco. The fourth industrial zone in Nacka City is Kvarnholmen, which is in the middle of its transformation right now. At it´s time Kvarnholmen was at the center of the Swedish Swedish Consumer Cooperation (Kooperativa Förbundet).

Dieselverktstaden, where Atlas Copco used to manufacture diesel engines, is now a vibrant cultural center.

Nacka strand

JÄRLa sjö