The art of urban creation

Art, culture and creative expertise as resources for increased innovation and sustainability in municipal urban development.

The complex challenges facing society require multi intelligent and skilled teams - where people from several sectors, industries and disciplines can interact. The need for communication across borders is massive. In this challenge arts, culture and creative expertise have central functions. This project gather experiences and knowledge about the new and innovative ways in which arts, culture and creative expertise can contribute to sustainable urban development and economic development. In the creative process citizens will be involved to work together with the artists and the municipality to develop a targeted challenge. In interactive and creative ways we will deepen and broaden the citizen dialogues and use artistic approach and skills as tools for communication.

Speeding up the pace of innovation

The ambition of the project is to speed up the pace of innovation, with a focus not only on ways of working, methods, models and processes, but on the external, physical manifestation of places and architecture. The project involves various activities, including citizen dialogues, seminar series, workshops and network building. The aim is to develop the means to explore how this approach can gain traction at a strategic level.


Katarina Fredrika
Project manager
The Art of Urban Creation
PHONE +46 723 12 26 55

The Art of Urban Creation is partly funded by VINNOVA, Sweden’s innovation agency.

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