Nacka has 100,000 residents, and the number is increasing all the time. Our service offering is characterised by efficient use of resources, strong citizen influence and great freedom of choice. Within all activities, the aim is to create the best conditions for creativity, innovation and knowledge sharing. Nacka Municipality, with the municipal districts of Boo, Fisksätra/Saltsjöbaden, Sicklaön and Älta, is Stockholm County’s third largest municipality. Nacka City is built in the western part of Sicklaön.

Population: 100,000

Area: 100 km2

Size of municipality: Stockholm County’s third largest.

Distance to Stockholm Central Station from municipal boundary: 2.5 km.

contact information

Nacka City Hall
Granitvägen 15

PHONE: +46 8 718 80 00
E-MAIL: nackastad@nacka.se
WEB: www.nacka.se 

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Openness creates strength

An open, sustainable society can be constructed in many ways. There needs to be good infrastructure, good traffic planning, detailed planning and well-thought-out architecture. It is just as important that citizens be provided with high-quality service, and that the decision processes are clear, transparent and just. However, the actual society does not consist of buildings, roads and decision processes, but people. The people who live there and the people who work there. There is no social welfare without the will, visions, knowledge and ability of people.

We live in a changing world. Nobody knows for sure what the future will look like, or what it will demand of us. For that reason, how we act today is not meaningless - quite the reverse, in fact. It is perhaps more important than ever to have a compass to orientate yourself by. In Nacka, we believe that openness creates strength, that ideas exist to be tested and that failures are an excellent opportunity for learning. We know that there is more than one answer to most needs, and that citizens are entitled to expect the best within given frameworks.
Openness and diversity. We have confidence in and respect for people's knowledge and their own abilities – and for their desire to take responsibility.